PR Blog: Will Samsung Burn Out?

lrg_dsc00083Photo taken by Blake Brust

Written by Blake Brust


The exploding phones from Samsung may never be forgotten. Unfortunately it wasn’t just their phones that caught fire. Samsung, a huge South Korean company, in a survey of tens of thousands found itself ranked 47th  in the top corporate reputation. It had just placed 7th the year before and 3rd in 2015.

Reputation is a hard thing to keep and even harder thing to recover from. They took a heavy blow since their phones, Galaxy Note 7, began catching fire due to problems with the lithium batteries used. The Company reacted  quickly and recalled the phones. Some say they reacted too quickly.

For example, Samsung released a statement in Hong Kong, assuring customers  that their phones used a different battery so they wouldn’t be affected. “However, the very next day Samsung was forced to retract that statement when they realized that 500 phones in Hong Kong had in fact been affected after all.”

They also had the issue of calling the phones back and giving their clients a new “safe” Galaxy Note 7 phone, as they called it. Then that phone as well had several issues with catching fire. Airports banned passengers from taking the phone on flights.

Samsung finally responds to reports that ‘safe’ Note 7 phones are exploding

My Review:

I have enjoyed the Samsung brand with several different phones I have. I think they make a decent quality phone and other electronics. The big lesson they teach us here is that they reacted quickly without understanding the full problem. In their situation you can’t really lie around and wait while peoples phones are burning holes in their pockets. Overall I think they made the right call just stopping the Note 7 all together. They have released several statements saying they have learned from their mistakes and that the next phone will be much better. There are high hopes, but since they couldn’t get the last one right they need to get the next one perfect or else the Samsung name will go flickering out.


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