PR Blog: Technology Never Seemed So Delicious

Written by Blake Brust

I’ve talked about food, tires, cars, video etc. This week I wanted to look at Albertsons and why they are such a successful company with their clients. Albertsons Companies Inc. is an American grocery company founded in Boise, Idaho. Many grocery stores are now moving digital which Albertsons has accepted full heartedly. From the app to Facebook, Albertsons is doing a great job keeping up with the times. Just looking at their website  you can tell Albertsons has put in a lot of time and effort with its events, videos, and blogs. Just in comparison with Broulims  ( their website didn’t carry many features.

The PR department has been doing a great job with handling costumer reviews and criticism. On their Facebook page they have several articles and videos about food, health, and others. Very popular videos among all ages are the food videos, making you realize how hungry you really are this very second.

What surprised me was their quick responses to questions or comments. On a simple cooking video a women commented she wanted a Albertsons in her home town. Albertsons customer support responded within a day saying “Thank you for the feedback, Beverly! We have alerted our Real Estate Team of your request, for review and consideration. Have a wonderful weekend!”

Albertsons customer support is amazing. Continuing my research how they are trying to gain the publics favor they have their Monopoly game, an event which gives tickets for certain items bought.  The tickets combined can win you money or other prices. They give their customers something exciting to use in store. If you don’t feel like getting out of bed and putting on pants, you can always just order your groceries for delivery.

Looking at Albertsons twitter account amazed me more. They have lots of things they sponsor, from football to kids organizations. Several pictures just blew me away how involved Albertsons is in their communities (see below). I don’t want to sound bias but I think Albertsons has done an amazing job with keeping with the times and giving themselves a great public image.


Sample Tweets:


Look at all the red in our @Albertsons stores! Thank u for the support & awareness, employees and customers! #lifeiswhywegive #idahohasheart


Thanks @Albertsons and @Gatorade for a great @RamsNFL Q&A today with @TG3II. He had the packed house rolling in Fullerton. #Rams #NFL


What an honor! We received a $40K grant from @Albertsons and @EIFoundation that will go towards BackPack for Kids!



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