PR Blog: What the bleep?



Video is a sticky business to get into, especially when dealing with copyright infringement. Streaming videos online for a dollar is an impossible price to beat and may be an impossible feat. VidAngel, online movie streaming/filtering service has been making its best punches to stay afloat. The company worked for years climbing the ranks to be able to give its viewers the capabilities to filter released films. The company lost the right to use movies for a time since companies in Hollywood like Disney are fighting hard against it.

What they have done:

I have a lot of respect for everything this business has been doing for its clients. They have produced great campaigns with videos and have received tons of signatures for their cause. They have released videos that aren’t just entertaining but informative. They recently have released emails and blogs and videos on how to continue fighting for the right to filter movies by contacting our senators. The problem is they lost their last case and we held in contempt because they did not completely heed the orders of the judge. “Because we are confident that Congress intended for movie filtering to be legal without permission from Hollywood, we believe that ultimately we will be victorious, and remain prepared to go all the way to the Supreme Court,” CEO Neal Harmon said in the statement.

My review:

I know of a dozen or so programs and companies that have tried to give people edited films. They have all failed in the end getting shut down. VidAngel had this very thing happen to them several times in different ways but because of their perseverance they have survived this long. I think this company has a good shot at becoming a big deal. They quickly made ties with Apple and Roku and others to have the support they will need. If I was them I would continue to make videos and get people talking about the issue. They have placed images of Disney as an evil character and I think it may be a bit risky but they haven’t got much to lose since they might get shut down anyway. They need to pull out all stops right now!




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