PR Blog: Campaign aflame, whose to blame?

Jared Fogle, the Subway mascot or spokesperson for the “subway diet” since 1999 had legal issues last year as he was caught by the FBI for watching child porn. He went to court and Subway came right out and said that they had cut ties with the man and no longer wanted to comment further.


The situation seemed devastating at first as many began to believe that sales would have a sudden drop but what happened was more surprising. Nothing really changed. The campaign that subway has been running for 16 years just fell through the floor and nothing dramatically changed.  I feel like if anything is evidence that your PR campaign isn’t effective is when you completely scrap it and nothing happens.

I think subway has been in need of a new campaign for a while now. Sales have gone down in the past year about 3% but I believe that is due to the fact of standard competition in the sandwich industry.They just came out with their new campaign and logo. They released a video saying we  all want to be better including themselves so they are offering “fresh locally grown produce” that is “free of artificial preservatives.”

I think if I was them I would have done more research to see if their campaign was working before the incident. The business was too lax about letting it all just happen. If the company wants to draw in new people or keep their current clients more research needs to be done.

They should send out surveys to see if their ads are appealing and why people choose subway over other places and focus on those positive aspects. I don’t think just changing the logo is going to attract customers.


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