PR Blog: Will Samsung Burn Out?

Photo taken by Blake Brust Written by Blake Brust Situation: The exploding phones from Samsung may never be forgotten. Unfortunately it wasn't just their phones that caught fire. Samsung, a huge South Korean company, in a survey of tens of thousands found itself ranked 47th  in the top corporate reputation. It had just placed 7th... Continue Reading →


Logo Project by Blake Brust

DESCRIPTION Design a spiritual poster montage using the blend of images and type. PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles) I used photoshop to over lay several of my own pictures that I had taken with my Nikon d5100.  I found the inspirational words on line  that really represented the contrast that I was trying to present. […]

PR Blog: What the bleep?

Situation: Video is a sticky business to get into, especially when dealing with copyright infringement. Streaming videos online for a dollar is an impossible price to beat and may be an impossible feat. VidAngel, online movie streaming/filtering service has been making its best punches to stay afloat. The company worked for years climbing the ranks... Continue Reading →

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