PR Blog:Uber here or Uber there?

By Blake Brust


Uber, the convenient app that calls you a ride, has been going through some rough times this past year. From Uber killers or Uber pay cuts, they haven’t had a break. Here are just a few links of these tough breaks. So the question is how does Uber combat these accusations?

Uber during the Kalamazoo shootings, where a man an Uber driver shot six people to death and wounded others, came out stating how their background checks are valid and that they can’t tell the future. They showed on their website how the process was done. The company has a rating system in place so that you can rate your drivers and if you fall below a certain rating then you are fired. Uber says that if there are any reports of violence then they are also immediately fired. On their webpage drivers and riders have a safety page with several suggestions on what precautions to take. I think that they have handled crisis well with their customers but with their drivers its another thing.

Uber has made more cuts to the uber drivers paycheck trying to please its customers. The video below already explains how drivers really don’t make much when it comes to pay for gas, tax, wear and tear on the vehicle. Cuts have taken prices down from an 8 dollar minimum to 7 dollars in some states. Protestors broke out back in February.

I couldn’t find what Uber has done to help combat the protests besides releasing videos on how great it is to make money ubering. I think Uber does car about its clients and they have done an amazing job rising to popularity quickly. The problem is that if Uber can’t keeps its drivers fed who else will? They need to bring out a way to let people know they should tip the driver, like a pizza delivery boy, but Uber doesn’t want to admit that the money that a driver receives doesn’t stick around very long.


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