PR Blog: Would you like Chipotle with that?

Chipotle restaurant has hit a rough patch with its food cleanliness rating. Even the Co-CEO said that he would give many of the restaurants a C rating. Due to many food contamination scares their profits have dropped 29 percent. They stressed the point that they are trying to maintain good prices but the additional needs of more employees, and new cleaning standards has made it difficult for Chipotle.

Chipotle has been trying to win customers back.The chain added a new item to its famously tight menu, sent out a rewards program over the summer and released an animated video that takes shots at its competitors.  Chipotle also has been trying to keep very few items on its menu to help it have better production rates and less food to worry about.

Now there has been many food scares such as Jack in the Box e-coli scare or the Burger King horse meat scare. Both companies were able to make a comeback by apologizing and changing their heath procedures and working with different distributors of meat. It really depends on their ability to make good plans and follow through with them so they don’t loose all their clientele. Chipotle has a lot of competition in the Hispanic food industry.

Chipotle has their work cut out for them, not to even mention the Women who is suing chipotle for 2.2 billion dollars for using her picture without permission.

If I was in their position I would have people hired to travel and check the effectiveness of the stores. The stores that are running smoothly in order would receive bonuses and such. As for the public I would continue to work on my advertising campaigns to bring in more awareness of the great changes that have been brought about this year.






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