Montage Project

DESCRIPTION Design a spiritual poster montage using the blend of images and type. PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles) I used photoshop to over lay several of my own pictures that I had taken with my Nikon d5100.  I found the inspirational words on line  that really represented the contrast that I was trying to present. I overlaid the images of the mountains to give more … Continue reading Montage Project

PR Blog:Uber here or Uber there?

By Blake Brust   Uber, the convenient app that calls you a ride, has been going through some rough times this past year. From Uber killers or Uber pay cuts, they haven’t had a break. Here are just a few links of these tough breaks. So the question is how does Uber combat these accusations? Uber during the Kalamazoo shootings, where a man an Uber driver … Continue reading PR Blog:Uber here or Uber there?

PR Blog: Would you like Chipotle with that?

Chipotle restaurant has hit a rough patch with its food cleanliness rating. Even the Co-CEO said that he would give many of the restaurants a C rating. Due to many food contamination scares their profits have dropped 29 percent. They stressed the point that they are trying to maintain good prices but the additional needs of more employees, and new cleaning standards has made it … Continue reading PR Blog: Would you like Chipotle with that?

What I’ve Learned In Class Com 100

January 12, 2017 In my class Com 100, we watched a presentation of two very special classes/groups that are offered on the BYUI campus. There is a actual newspaper, called the Scroll, that the students run and it counts as a class. There are opportunities to do writing, editing, photography, and  publishing. The students are able to gain valuable EXPERIENCE, which was the key phrase … Continue reading What I’ve Learned In Class Com 100

PR BLOG: Firestone Turns New Wheel Over!

The controversy between Firestone tires and the Ford Explorer became a large divorce court, which ended the century of marriage between the two companies. In May 2000 the Companies were contacted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for accidents that had occurred when people drove Ford Explorers with Firestone tires. There were 271 casualties and  many other injuries due to the crisis. 13% of … Continue reading PR BLOG: Firestone Turns New Wheel Over!